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We want you to enjoy ballet classes no matter how busy your life.

So we've curated a collection of our previous classes that can be taken in your own time, at your own place any time night or day.

So... here you can try a class on us, free of charge (just scroll down a bit further). Then assuming you enjoy your class, you can sign up for our membership for constant access! You can also return to these classes as many times as you like as long as your membership remains current.

These classes are suitable for people who have taken ballet classes before, so have an understanding of the basics of ballet. As we're not there to guide you live, we currently recommend live classes with a teacher for our absolute beginners. If you've not taken a ballet class before or wish to find out about our live classes, please do drop us a line and book one of our lovely Beginners' classes.

These classes have been recorded via the Zoom app, so you get a real feel for being a part of a live class. I've also left some of my individual coaching tips in so you too can benefit from the instruction our dancers receive.

The classes!

Please do watch the introduction first, then feel free to enjoy your ballet taster class.

Enjoyed your class? Then by all means join the membership & gain access to the rest of the classes... a new class is added every week during term time... & you can return to each class as many times as you like!

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